Dalal Street Investments Ltd.
about us

Dalal Street Investments Limited was incorporated on 18th November, 1977 under The Indian Companies Act, 1956 under CIN No.L65990PN1977PLC141282 and obtained the Certificate of Commencement of business on 28th December, 1977. The registered office of the Company is Situated at The Vishnu Smruti Apartments, 425/35, TMV Colony, Pune-411037.

  • »  The main Business of the Company is Trading & Investments in Shares & Securities.
  • »  To Finance Industrial enterprises and to promote Companies engaged in Industrial and Trading Businesses.
  • »  To manage Investment Pools, Mutual Funds, Syndicates in shares, Stocks, Securities and Finance.

The Dalal Street Investments Limited is a Non-Banking Financial Company registered with RBI under Certificate of Registration No-13.00567.

Dalal Street Investments Ltd.