Dalal Street Investments Ltd.

Dalal Street Investments Limited (‘Company’) is a BSE listed company incorporated on 18th November 1977. The Company was earlier registered as a Non-Banking Finance Company (‘NBFC’) with the Reserve Bank of India under certificate of registration No.-13.00567. The Company has ceased to be a NBFC since 11th September 2018.

Current Operations
The Company is currently focused on providing advisory and consultancy services to clients.As consumers keep adapting, business have to keep changing with them. The challenge for leaders is to anticipate which changes will stick and how the consumer and supply chain will evolve.

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities:

  • »  ‌strategy
  • »  ‌capital needs
  • »  marketing
  • »  ‌‌organization
  • »  ‌‌operations
  • »  ‌digital
  • »  ‌‌‌analytics
  • »  ‌‌‌corporate finance and mergers
  • »  ‌‌acquisitions across all industries and
  • »  ‌geographies

Dalal Street Investments Ltd.